About Me

Having a family has always been one of my deepest desires and becoming a mom has been something I have always dreamed of. Shortly after my husband, Joel and I, started dating I learned that we shared this deep desire of having children one day. Several years after we were married, it became clear that having biological children would be a struggle. Infertility was the diagnosis we received.

Although this was difficult news, we knew that it immediately confirmed our longing to adopt one day. Adoption is a big part of my personal story and runs deep through both of our families. As an adoptee myself, an adoption professional and having several family members who are adopted – we knew adoption would be a part of our story somehow.

A few weeks after we decided to begin the adoption process, I found out that I was pregnant, unexpectedly! I believe that God works in mysterious ways and has great plans for. us. We now have two beautiful children who we absolutely adore. We have been immensely blessed and are grateful for the Lord’s plan and timing. We are hopeful to continue to grow our family one day through adoption.

Even though adoption has always been a special part of my journey, having the opportunity to encourage, support and educate those making it a part of theirs has been one of my greatest joys.