What in the world is an Adoption Consultant?

SO many people are very interested to hear that I work in adoption, but to be honest, I giggle to myself sometimes because they have NO IDEA what it actually means 😉 Most who know me on a personal level & know my story can agree that working in adoption is the PERFECT FIT for me & they find it evident that the Lord led me to minister to those walking out their adoption journey.

How heartwarming, right?! It really is, but it’s funny because when I tell them I’m “officially” an Adoption Consultant, they have lots of questions as to what exactly I DO in the adoption field. ***funniest part is, most people think I just get to snuggle babies and congratulate brand new families, skipping to the next amazing situation*** WRONG! While, I must admit, I do get to snuggle babies and I do have the honor of seeing a brand new family for the first time, it’s not always that picture perfect.

If you’re considering adoption, walking through the process or have already adopted….you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Like anything in life, there is absolute beauty and gut-wrenching trials…….and adoption is no different.

Adoption can be confusing, time consuming, and financially overwhelming, but with the right support it can be an incredibly rewarding experience! Some of the benefits of choosing to work with an Adoption Consultant are below, but these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg! 🙂

  • Financial Advice – Knowing the resources you have available to you as an adoptive couple will help you make sound, wise financial decisions and save you time and money.  We offer detailed information on how to fund your adoption through grants, loans, tax benefits and fundraising.
  • Education and Guidance  – Our individualized consultations and step-by-step reference manual will guide you from your first questions about adoption until your adoption is finalized.
  • Personal Advocate – An adoption consultant will advise you on the warning signs and help you navigate the confusing adoption process.
  • Experienced Professionals – An adoption consultant not only has years of professional experience but most are adoptive parents and some are even former clients of Christian Adoption Consultants.

Our domestic consulting services includes a couple of added benefits:

  • Shorter Wait Time – On average, domestic adoption by families educated through  consulting services typically take less than 6-10 months!
  • Multiple Agency Networking – An adoption consultant will educate you on adoption agencies and attorneys located in adoption-friendly states that are ethical and often in need of adoptive families.

And, if you haven’t been told already, PLEASE let me tell you, it is SO special that you are feeling called to adopt!!! Adoption is, truly, the living out the gospel. It is 100% God’s heart. He created it! Just as God adopts those who receive Christ as their Savior into His spiritual family, so should we prayerfully consider adoption children into our own physical families – giving them the very opportunity He gave us…to become Sons and Daughters, to become a part of a family and to be LOVED.

I already think you’re amazing! If you have questions or would like to chat with me more, I would absolutely love to assist you to the best of my ability. I assist families all over the country! (if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, I would LOVE to grab a coffee!) Feel free to reach out — Jonnilyn@ChristianAdoptionConsultants.com  or  941-216-6277.