What in the world is an Adoption Consultant?

Adoption can be confusing, time consuming, and financially overwhelming, but with the right support it can be an incredibly rewarding experience! Some of the benefits of choosing to work with an Adoption Consultant are below, but these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg! 

  • Financial Advice – Knowing the resources you have available to you as an adoptive couple will help you make sound, wise financial decisions and save you time and money.  We offer detailed information on how to fund your adoption through grants, loans, tax benefits and fundraising.
  • Education and Guidance  – Our individualized consultations and step-by-step reference manual will guide you from your first questions about adoption until your adoption is finalized.
  • Personal Advocate – An adoption consultant will advise you on the warning signs and help you navigate the confusing adoption process.
  • Experienced Professionals – An adoption consultant not only has years of professional experience but most are adoptive parents and some are even former clients of Christian Adoption Consultants.

Our domestic consulting services includes a couple of added benefits:

  • Shorter Wait Time – On average, domestic adoption by families educated through  consulting services typically take less than 6-10 months!
  • Multiple Agency Networking – An adoption consultant will educate you on adoption agencies and attorneys located in adoption-friendly states that are ethical and often in need of adoptive families.

And, if you haven’t been told already, PLEASE let me tell you, it is SO special that you are feeling called to adopt!!! 

If you haven’t already, check out our website: www.christianadoptionconsultants.com


What my CAC clients have to say:

“The minute we spoke with Jonnilyn at Christian Adoption Consultants we knew that she would play a valuable role in our adoption. The communication, prayers and kindness were beyond a blessing to us. We are so thankful for CAC and the support that they provided us. Our only regret is that we did not utilize CAC earlier in our adoption journey! ” – Adoptive Mama, Brittany


“We worked with Jonnilyn at CAC and she guided us through all our concerns during the entire process! It was so helpful to have someone talk through each step and the very very hard decisions! We appreciated have some independence through the process and working with each individual agency but also had someone to go to at any time when we needed.” – Adoptive Mama, Amy


“We did our research and found a small agency we thought would be perfect for us. We completed our home study, saved our money and were ready to see what God’s plan was for us; however, month after month we waiting again… disappointed with the lack of presented situations.  We were frustrated and didn’t know if we could continue to wait so we took a little vacation and did a lot of thinking, praying and research… that’s when we found CAC. We were connected with Jonnilyn and knew instantly this was the right fit for us.  She was available to talk whenever we had questions and made sure that we were comfortable and following our discussed adoption plan throughout the process.  She reassured us that we would be parents and that God had a plan for us.” – Adoptive Mama, Megan


“Two days after we returned home from the failed adoption we called Jonnilyn and Christian Adoption Consultants. After our first phone call with Jonnilyn we knew this was the route we needed to take. We all of a sudden realized what we had been missing the whole time in our entire adoption process, an advocate for us, someone who cared about us as individuals and not just the number of birth moms coming in the door. She listened to our story, learned about who we were, and our desires for our family. So it was a no brainer, we signed up with Jonnilyn and CAC at the beginning of May. Thank you to Jonnilyn and CAC! Working with you was a wonderful way to grow our family. – Adoptive Mama, Laura


“Months after having our homestudy complete, I felt so alone and unsure if I was doing the right things and contacting the right agencies. And then I came across Jonnilyn and CAC at the perfect time. All of a sudden I didn’t feel alone in the process, I felt like I had a true advocate. Jonnilyn always knew the right things to say to lift my spirits and put me back on track. She honestly got me through some tough times. Jonnilyn always reminded me to keep our faith and that God had a plan for us and was with us on this journey, and it was OK to be scared but God did not bring us all the way here to leave us alone in the process. Amazingly almost 3 months to the day of when we had our failed adoption in August, we were blessed with our son Leo. I always had someone to talk to, someone that understood what I was feeling and what I needed to hear at that moment. Jonnilyn and CAC were such a blessing in our adoption journey.” – Adoptive Mama, Dreama


“Throughout our journey from being two people longing for a child, to being the parents of a beautiful baby boy, Christian Adoption Consultants was an answer to prayer. They helped guide us through some otherwise complicated questions, answers, and decisions that we had never been faced with before. CAC was more than our starting point, but a friend to guide us along the path. I truly believe that God used them to help us meet our Nicholas, and for that we are forever Thankful!” – Adoptive Dad, Nicholas

“We worked with Jonnilyn from CAC. She was amazing and seriously made all of our dreams come true. She was always available for our questions and always gave us great advice. We started our adoption journey September 2018 and were matched on December 2018 and we are now the proud parents of Emma Noemi.” – Adoptive Mama, Mariana

“We couldn’t of had a better experience with the adoption of our son in 2018. The entire CAC team was experienced and very helpful with the right information for every question or concern we had with the process. It was worth hiring a consultant, because it helped to increase the amount of agencies we were able to work with across the country. We are from Missouri and matched with our son and birth mother in Florida. The process was seamless with the interstate agreements, and from start to finish with consulting with CAC and the birth of our son was just under one year. – Adoptive Dad, Bradlee