Calling Over Comfort


If I had a dollar for every time someone, while attempting to be encouraging, told me “it’s more about your calling than about your comfortability,” I’d be a millionaire right now!! Although, relishing in millions at 25 doesn’t sound half bad, that’s beside the point.  That quirky “Christian” word of encouragement has NEVER been, really, encouraging to me. I always found it as more of a cop-out than actual advice.

It dawned on me today … even though I’m SUPER blessed and content in life, I’ve made it through some seriously murky waters! FOR SURE. And, I’m sure you have as well… Isn’t it crazy how life seems to work? I seem to go through trials, or phases we’ll call them, just to come out on the other side, look back and understand COMPLETELY why I was facing issue in-particular?! Oh, hindsight…thanks for the 20/20. 😉

My phases have actually taught me something…

I’ve found that there’s actually some truth to that super annoying “encouraging” phrase! Usually I’m most uncomfortable when I’m walking out what I should be. Allow me to explain…. I’m SUPER comfortable getting through my day alone and keeping things to myself. It’s when I start to share life/problems/thoughts/dreams/desires with PEOPLE. Obviously, I’m not just airing my laundry on the street corner to strangers, rather, walking through life with those I love and trust and allowing my story to encourage theirs. A lot harder said than done. I’ll admit, unless I’m super intentional about it, I very comfortably operate in my introverted tendencies.

Here are some things that have helped me embrace the “calling over comfort” mentality:

  1. TAKE A WALK IN THEIR SHOES: It’s not all about me; hard to grasp sometimes I must admit! But, even on days that absolutely suck, it’s really helpful to gain some perspective and see the day from someone else’s viewpoint. While I may be struggling to knock out some e-mails or get to my appointment on time, there’s probably someone who would KILL to just have a job like mine. Or, a job at all for that matter. When I take a moment to step outside of my all-about-me bubble, I realize that it isn’t so bad. In fact, now I’m operating in my calling instead of my conformability.
  2. WORSHIP: This has saved my sanity on so many levels. It doesn’t matter how deep or gut-wrenching what I’m facing gets, worship is ALWAYS the cure. And here it is again…it’s not usually comfortable to humble myself, pump the brakes on my attitude and go worship with a genuine heart. But, it truly only takes a couple of minutes sitting in His presence to hear what He’s actually speaking. And, nine times out of ten, He’s drawing me closer to Himself which provokes me to repent for whatever STUPID thing I just said to my husband…OK, I’m just getting real here. Bottom line: don’t underestimate the power of your worship. There’s something SO powerful about boldly entering the throne room with praise. Even in the middle of the darkest storm, it will allow you to see the rainbow. He’s called you to it.
  3. JUST DO IT: I have to tell myself this on a DAILY basis. Otherwise, I will let anxiety take over. The “what-if’s”, the worry, the logistics will drive you crazy!! So, just do it! Jump into that BLOG the Lord’s been pushing you to start (that’s what this is by the way!) or pray for your friend who needs you even though your scared. Whatever the Lord’s calling you to, He will equip you to carry out! That’ll preach!

So, after some self-coaching and learning, that once annoyingly-cliché-little phrase has become the driving force behind how I walk about life on a daily basis. It’s now, a special little reminder that sometimes what He’s called you to really IS more important than just comfortably sailing through life.

Be encouraged, friend! And, take that uncomfortable leap of faith you’ve been dying to take! It’s worth the jump!



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