You Make Me Brave

Tonight, I needed some therapy. I needed a break. The constant anxiety that has come with scrolling social media alone, was enough to make me crazy! But, add in the mass hysteria of people scrambling to prepare and I’ve caught myself several times just thinking….”This is too hard. It’s just too much.” I’ve watched as families find empty shelves when just looking for water, I’ve seen the greedy take the last loaf of bread from an elderly man and there’s those who just take way more than they need. Like a “fend for yourself” mentality has instantly swept our state. It’s seemed similar to the end of the world around here … like I know what that feels like! But, I assume it would appear somewhat similar. Rationing supplies and survival necessities, shortages for gasoline, millions of people exiting our state all at once, local businesses and establishments shut down and empty, Army trucks driving the streets and police officers driving through our communities blaring megaphones declaring mandatory evacuation (at 8AM might I add) – it’s been mass hysteria.

Tonight, my therapy was a run. I ran around our little community, up and down all the streets and through our park. It was a practical run, because to be honest, I really needed to let out some anxiousness. And, so did our dog who will be cooped in the house for the next couple of days! But, God has so much more for me. I threw in my headphones with some worship music (because I have a “Hurricane Irma” Spotify playlist of course) to get my mind off our reality right now. Running around our town, I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness. I was reminded just how blessed we all are. We live in absolutely beautiful cities with even more beautiful people. There weren’t too many out tonight (I thought I was the only crazy) the wind was picking up a bit, windows were boarded up in every house and there was an eeriness in the air. But, as I approached a few people in the park, I was so blessed by their simple smiles and their courtesy wave as I passed! It was like they were silently saying, “we are in this together.”

With this storm looming and closely approaching our cities, my heart has been torn in half. On one hand, my cries have been petitioning God to dissipate Hurricane Irma. I’ve been pleading with Him and asking, with all authority that we’re given through Jesus, to just make this go away. Not one ounce of me wants to see what this will look like. I have believed that God CAN do the miraculous and make this storm move. I’ve declared it with everything in me. And, on the other hand … or the other half of my torn heart, I have been fearful of what’s to come. I’ve envisioned what a storm this strong and big could do. I’ve questioned whether or not we will come back to a standing home when this is all over. I’ve asked my husband so many times, “are we going to be okay?” This storm isn’t something to play with. It’s real and it’s been taunting us all week long … it’s seemed like Irma’s been whispering in my ear, “I’m comingggg.”

I told you my heart has been torn. I wasn’t lying. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Trusting and BELIEVING God for a miracle, all the while, trying to tone down my anxiety and worry that’s looming behind the scenes.

Tonight, this song was my medicine. These words. It was like The Lord was singing right to me. Right OVER every thought of this storm. I promise, it is soooo worth the listen.

“Sovereign in the mountain air, sovereign on the ocean floor. You’re with me in the calm, with me in the storm. Sovereign in my greatest joy, sovereign in my deepest cry. With me in the dark, with me at the dawn.” 

“In Your everlasting arms, all the pieces of my life, from beginning to the end, I can TRUST you. In Your never-failing love, You work everything for good. God, whatever comes my way, I WILL TRUST YOU.”

We are completely safe,  while held in the arms of our God. He is the Creator of the world and our good Father who loves us. We CAN TRUST HIM. And, that’s just what I’m going to do. No matter what happens tomorrow, we will be okay. Being able to trust Him through this, is the best opportunity in the world. Because, he will not fail us. He IS good. His love is fearless and would go to the ends of the earth to pursue our hearts and have just a moment of our eyes focused on Him. So, let’s take this opportunity and make Him proud.

Let’s remember our neighbor. Let’s love without restrictions. Let’s get outside of our comfort zones. Let’s lend a helping hand without a second thought. Let’s allow His peace to overcome us amidst the raging storm outside. Let’s throw off everything that hinders us and RUN AFTER HIS KINGDOM. Let’s show off for God!

Be prepared friends, but don’t forsake the opportunity to trust in the only one who is worthy and witness our state flipped upside-down (not literally, lol) for HIS GLORY.

My hearts been broken, but I promise you this, I’m not broken yet. He helps me to be brave and courageous.

I’m praying for you, friend. We are in this together.



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