A Journey to Adoption – COULD THIS ALL BE A DREAM?

I am so humbled to share this sweet family’s journey to adoption with you! In a whirlwind of events (literally, in the midst of a Category 4 hurricane!) they packed their bags, secured their home, made arrangements for their dog and evacuated to the place they’d prayed and longed to be for years and years. They left their home behind trusting that God had everything all planned out perfectly.

If you’re wondering what came next, it’s even more thrilling than you can imagine! Buckle up and get ready to read the sweetest story of adoption!


It was an absolute honor and joy to walk alongside this incredible family throughout their journey of a lifetime! Welcome home, Kendall Marie! ❤

Here is their story!

“A year ago our lives were changed forever but I never shared the story. Settle in as I share over multiple posts about how this sweet little girl came to join our family and our adoption story!” – Amy

Amy Rae Co Our Adoption Story


September 12, 2018

I anticipate these next days and weeks will all be a blur. Last night (September 12) around 10pm after making last preparations for the incoming hurricane Florence we noticed a new birth mom was looking to be matched through one of our agencies. The post read “African American baby girl due September 13 please call if you are able to leave no later than tomorrow morning as mother is being induced at 6am”!  

It didn’t take much thought for us to consider it as a quick adoption could be ideal but this was faster than any we had seen. We knew God was in control so with that assurance we called and left a message with the match coordinator.  The next hour was a bit grueling as I was not sure if she got my message, what the specifics were on this case or if another family had already been chosen. Finally, a text message came in with more details. Everything was pretty straight forward.  The plan was to present to the birth mom in the morning. I called the coordinator back and wanted to make sure she knew we were in. She said she would get in touch with us in the morning or afternoon and we went to bed. 

At midnight my phone rang and the coordinator said she wanted to give us more details about the birth mom. Nothing concerning and we said we would be comfortable moving forward. Now comes the part we never expected to be part of our story. The coordinator explained how this time has been difficult for the birth mom and she requested that the agency match the family.  The coordinator went on to say that she carefully and prayerfully considers each family. It is important to note that this was our first time presenting with this agency and we had only been active with them for a couple of weeks. She knew very little about us other than the documents we provided. Regardless of all that she felt that we were to be this little girl’s family. 

The words she spoke over the phone I will never forget were “she’s yours if you want her!” Yes yes of course I want her!! How is this even happening right now. Are we ready to get a baby tomorrow? What about our house that is about to get hit by a category 4 hurricane? Where will the dog go? The list went on and we hit the ground running. For the next two hours my heart raced as we booked flights, packed bags, made middle-of-the-night phone calls, and carefully folded baby girl clothes that had not been worn for over 5 years! Once I finally went back to bed my mind and heart could not settle down. I kept adding things to my list so that my mind could slow down. Thankfully I was able to drift to sleep wondering if this could all be a dream. Was this our adoption story? “



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If you are interested in infant domestic adoption and would like to talk more, I would love to chat! Jonnilyn@christianadoptionconsultants.com

XO, Jonnilyn

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