Adoption Story: Welcome, Nash!

When Megan and Nathan first called, I felt connected with them almost instantly. Their sweet and outgoing personalities were just contagious. I knew right away that they were special and that their story was special.

Chatting with them, on the phone, that day was the very start to our relationship and their journey with CAC, but it was not the start of their adoption journey, by any means. They explained that the road that led them to this point, had not been anything short of difficult and frustrating. They dreamed of having a child to love for years and years, and fought through much hardship before ever even stepping foot on to the road of adoption.  Once they took the leap of faith, they found a small agency to start with. They were encouraged! But, their encouragement, slowly but surely, faded and they were left with the disappointment of waiting month after month.

But, they KNEW that their fight would be worth it one day. The wait would be worth it. The emotional and physical tolls would be worth it. Tears shed…worth every single one. They held on to the hope that one day this would all be a distant memory. 

Although, the explanation of their past struggles was necessary, their trust in the Lord and their hope truly overflowed on the phone that day. I was heartbroken to hear of the long road that got them to this point, but I was so encouraged by their hope! They were READY to get started. Ready to find their baby.

They presented to a situation over the 4th of July holiday and, well, let’s just say the fireworks weren’t just celebrating the USA! THEY WERE MATCHED!!

Working with Megan & Nathan was an absolute joy, to put it mildly. They made it so easy. Their openness and availability to God’s plan was absolutely incredible. They walked a long and hard road, but knew the reward at the end was worth it. And, he sure was.

Baby Nash is the cutest little handsome man I ever did see! Go ahead and swoon over that SMILE!!!!



Megan tells their adoption story, so well, below:


“Waiting, wanting and hoping had become our motto. We saw many of our friends expand their families, but we continued to wait. Wait for our time; wait to become parents; wait to grow our family. For years, we waited… 6 to be exact, before our waiting came to an end and we were given the biggest blessing.


After 3 years of marriage, we were ready to start a family, but it didn’t come easy for us.  After 4 years of intensive fertility treatments, the emotional and physical toll became too much for us.  We knew we needed to think about our purpose and God’s plan for us.  We wanted to have a family and it didn’t matter how we got there. Adoption was the obvious solution, but we weren’t prepared for the emotional toll and continued waiting that adoption would have, too.


We did our research and found a small agency we thought would be perfect for us. We completed our home study, saved our money and were ready to see what God’s plan was for us; however, month after month we waiting again… disappointed with the lack of presented situations.  We were frustrated and didn’t know if we could continue to wait so we took a little vacation and did a lot of thinking, praying and research… that’s when we found CAC. We were connected with Jonnilyn and knew instantly this was the right fit for us.  She was available to talk whenever we had questions and made sure that we were comfortable and following our discussed adoption plan throughout the process.  She reassured us that we would be parents and that God had a plan for us.


After 4 months, we presented to a couple over Fourth of July weekend and again, had to wait for the holiday before we heard if they had selected us. The wait was worth it and we were matched with a birth mother and father. We flew down and visited them before our son was born and Jonnilyn was there throughout the entire process.  In August, we got the call that our birth mother was in labor 5 weeks early. Jonnilyn was one of the first people we texted with the exciting news!  We can’t thank her enough for her support, patience and knowledge throughout the journey to bring our son home. She truly made the 6 years of waiting worth it as we finally have our sweet boy!!”

– Adoptive Mama, Megan


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