Adoption Story: Welcome, Andrew!

Working with Jenny and David through their adoption journey was an absolute dream and their story is truly one for the books! They are honestly one of the sweetest, most genuine and joyful couples I’ve ever met.


Through the waiting and with every situation that came their way, they approached it prayerfully and with an open mind. Their hearts for adoption and growing their family were beating heavy the whole time, but they remained patient and faithful. Boy did that pay off! It was so worth every minute when they held sweet Andrew in their arms.


Here’s their story..

From Jenny & David: “Adoption is something we have both felt strongly about. In fact, we talked about it on our second date! After getting married, we learned that our chances of having biological children were slim, so we happily began our adoption journey. Meanwhile, David got a job in another state, so we had to put everything on hold while we sold our house and moved 400 miles.

Once we settled into our new home, we got started on our home study. Between Jenny’s new job and getting settled into our new home, what we were hoping to be a 4 month process ended up taking almost 10 months. At this point, we turned to Christian Adoption Consultants. Discouragement was setting in since the process was feeling drawn out and burdensome. The initial phone call with our consultant, Jonnilynn, was just what we needed to get us back in a hopeful state of mind.

We started showing our profile in May. At first, we were full of anxious anticipation. The situations were exciting to read, and we met each one with a great deal of prayer and eagerness. By the 7th situation, we were beginning to lose our optimism, but we were still trusting in God’s ultimate plan. It was so good to know we had Jonnilynn on our side who could answer our questions and provide insight we wouldn’t normally have.

Mid-August we got the phone call that would change everything. We were matched! Three days later we signed papers, and one week after that, we got a call that the expectant mom was in delivery — three and a half weeks early! We went from waiting to baby in 10 days!

Our baby, Andrew, was born just after noon, and we arrived at the hospital at 11:00pm that night. Walking into the hospital, we both felt like we were going to faint. When we got up to the hospital room, we were greeted by his biological mom and a couple of her family members. After infertility, mountains and mountains of paperwork, many prayers, and lots of waiting, we had arrived here, holding our precious baby. It felt like a dream. He ended up in the NICU for 13 days. The morning of his discharge, we got word that we could leave the state (after ICPC clearance). It was an amazing phone call to receive, and we couldn’t wait to get our baby boy home!

God’s timing was evident in every single detail. God placed adoption on our hearts before we even knew each other. God moved us to another state, so we had to sell our house, which happened to have enough equity to cover adoption costs. God knew the home study paperwork would take awhile, which was perfect because if the adoption had happened even a week earlier than it did, Jenny wouldn’t have received leave benefits from her new job. God knew Andrew was going to need some time in the NICU, and our baby was born 3 and a half weeks early, so we weren’t caught in the middle of the hurricane. God knew we were both a little impatient, so he gave us the gift of a quick turn around from match to placement.”


Ecclesiastes 3:11 says “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

“All the complicated paperwork, the nights talking about how we should approach each situation, the interviews, the rushing to the post office to get a profile to the right place, all the tears and waiting wove together into a beautiful story from beginning to end.”

What a sweet and complete family. I couldn’t be happier for you guys! If you are interested in domestic adoption, I would love to chat!

XO, Jonnilyn.


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