Adoption Story: Welcome, Leo!

Where in the world do I even start? Working with Dreama and Paul has been so special from the very beginning.  I wholeheartedly believe the Lord allowed our paths to cross for a much greater purpose than we ever realized at the time!

One of the very first things I learned about Dreama (aside from the fact that she’s basically my spirit animal!) was that she lives 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME. Ya’ll. This was huge! I usually work with adoptive families out of state, so it’s truly not super typical that I am able to work with a family RIGHT in the neighb. Super exciting! I have to admit, we have yet to meet up for coffee. Complete FAIL. But, we are making that happen. And don’t worry, we WILL document the occasion.

When Dreama first called CAC, I could tell that they had walked a lengthy road already and they were ready as ever to bring home their baby. Her and the hubs already had two of the cutest kiddos ever, but desperately wanted to grow their family through adoption. And, get this….they were praying for a BOY, but still completely leaving it up to the Lord! He truly fulfilled the desire of their heart! So cool! After chatting about their journey thus far, their families’ preferences and what the next steps would look like, they were ALL IN with CAC.


After getting started, Paul and Dreama were so eager to present and willing to consider so many different types of situations. Even so, their adoption journey, while completely worth it, wasn’t an easy road to walk. They truly faced some tough times along the way.  After presenting to a birth mama that they thought was “the one,” they were faced with a “not yet” from her. Dreama and Paul got news that they were not selected this time. And, while it was absolutely gut-wrenching in the moment, Dreama always continued to trust that there was a greater purpose. She was always hopeful and patient, remembering that her son was still out there. Not too long after that they were matched with a birth mama! It was wonderful! Excited and thrilled are two words that come to mind and those are an understatement! They pursued an open adoption with their birth mama and even got to meet her! They discussed names and everything you can imagine. It really was beautiful. After the baby boy was born, they received devastating news that his mama had changed her mind and decided to parent.  Moving past this moment in time seemed absolutely impossible. They had poured their hearts out for this mama and left feeling completely empty.

The Father’s story of redemption is often far greater than our minds can even fathom. His ways are truly higher than ours and when faced with tragedy, He is the comfort through the storm. He remains faithful even when we don’t see a way out.

Stepping back out in faith after walking through that pain and heartache was no simple task. They fought back feelings of fear and insecurity. Doubt and anxiety tried to creep their way in, but Paul and Dreama stood firmly on God’s promise. And, boy was He faithful. Almost EXACTLY three months after their failed adoption, a miracle was born. He was their son. Their promise. Their redemption. Their Leo. And, he was perfect in every way. He caused them to look back on the incredibly long road that they walked and think to themselves that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Trusting in Jesus was 100% worth every single trial they faced. The fight was worth it. The wait was worth it. The tears were worth it. Leo was worth it. When they met their son face to face they knew that somehow this was just the beginning.

Now, Dreama has such an incredible testimony to share:

“Months after having our home study complete, I felt so alone and unsure if I was doing the right things and contacting the right agencies. And then I came across Jonnilyn and CAC at the perfect time. All of a sudden I didn’t feel alone in the process, I felt like I had a true advocate. Jonnilyn always knew the right things to say to lift my spirits and put me back on track. She honestly got me through some tough times, including waiting three weeks just to hear “”no, she didn’t choose you” and of course my toughest challenge, having been matched for 3 months and then the birth mom changed her mind the day after she had the baby boy we thought we were going to be bringing home. But Jonnilyn always reminded me to keep our faith and that God had a plan for us and was with us on this journey, and it was OK to be scared but God did not bring us all the way here to leave us alone in the process. Amazingly almost 3 months to the day of when we had our failed adoption in August, we were blessed with our son Leo. The second match was even tougher than the first, but I always had someone to talk to, someone that understood what I was feeling and what I needed to hear at that moment. Jonnilyn and CAC was such a blessing in our adoption journey.” – Adoptive Mama, Dreama

Congratulations doesn’t even seem enough. I am SO over the moon happy for your brand new addition, you guys. Leo is the sweetest ever and your family is forever blessed! It truly was an honor to work with you and witness such a beautiful story unfold!

If you are interested in domestic adoption, I would love to chat!

XO, Jonnilyn.


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