Hello, Penelope!

As Natalie & Robb tell their story of bringing home their daughter Penelope, it won’t take you long to realize that God was the author. His trademark was all over every detail. It was all to bring Him glory. To reveal His faithfulness. To keep His promise.

Although their story is incredibly beautiful, it didn’t come without difficulties. It didn’t come without constantly saying “yes” and trusting Jesus. It didn’t even come without heartache and disappointment.


He honored this sweet family’s “YES” in the ultimate way, that only God can do. They brought their sweet baby girl, Penelope, home just 4 days before Christmas!!! God gave them the greatest gift and allowed me to watch their miracle unfold from the sidelines. Natalie and Robb have special hearts and it was the greatest joy to see them bring home their baby girl. I will always cheer you guys on!

Natalie shares their story in her own words:

“My husband, Robb, and I decided to adopt in March. After speakimg with several agencies, I was discouraged to say the least.  We have 4 sons, I can not have anymore children and we wanted a baby girl.  Some agencies do not let you be gender specific and others allow it but strongly disvourage it and warn you thst you wait time could be years.  By late July we had our home study complete and started working with CAC in mid to late summer. I immediately clicked with Jonnilyn!  She was so easy to talk to and very understanding. She helped with all the paper work and answered ALL of my emails and many questions!  In October we were matched with birth parents!! Still, Jonnilyn was very supportive and continued to support us, pray for us and answer questions. I flew to Vegas when the birth mother delivered, met the birth parents and the precious baby girl. On the 3rd day hours before signing the papers the birth mother changed her mind. I flew home empty handed. I was very upset but still determined. Then,  it even 10 days later I received a call from the same agency that there was a 4 day old baby girl available for adoption. The birth parents had signed the papers and let the agency choose the adoptive parents. I told them we were in, got off the phone and booked a ticket. I called Jonnilyn and told her the news, she was so happy for us. She prayed for my safe travels and remained a very constant comforting resource for my family. I reached out to her with several questions over my 18 days in Vegas and she was always there for us. After 18 long days in Vegas I brought our sweet baby girl home 4 days before Christmas!!!”


SO SO SO happy for you! Your sweet family is beautiful and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been a small part of it growing!

If you are interested in infant domestic adoption and would like to talk more, I would love to chat! Jonnilyn@christianadoptionconsultants.com

XO, Jonnilyn

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