Welcome home, Olivia!

From the day that Stephen and Laura first called, I knew that their story was already wrapped in incredible purpose. While their story may have begun with unimaginable pain, God didn’t let that go to waste. And, trust me, their story ends better than they could have ever even imagined!
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Picking up the phone that day, I had no clue that the Lord was going to use CAC as a vessel to heal the broken hearts of a sweet, sweet family. Initially, Laura shared their story with me and the difficulties they had already experienced, in adoption. Unfortunately, two days earlier, they had just returned home from getting the horrific news that their adoption wasn’t going to work out. When they called, they were a bit defeated and scared, but I heard hope in her voices. I could tell they were nervous to be making the step back into adoption, but they weren’t going to let that stop them. And, thank God for that! They didn’t want to give up and knew that God was going to show up, even if it was a deep down knowing. I was so encouraged by their perserverance and I had SO MUCH faith in them. My hope was rising the entirety of our conversation.
That first phone call was the very beginning of a new journey. We continued working together, discussing potential expectant parent situations, adoption topics and thoughts, but the day that they finally got THAT phone call, I knew God was showing off! He had led them to the perfect situation and Laura found out that they were selected ON HER BIRTHDAY! So cool! What a birthday gift that turned out to be!
As they waited for their sweet little girl to be born, trust me when I say, they waited in FAITH. It would have been easy to allow fear to take over, wondering if this would be a similar situation to what happened before, but they allowed God’s peace and patience to take over. They waited, knowing that He was in control regardless. Their hope and trust were so inspiring to me.
It wasn’t long and their perfect girl, Olivia was born. And, let me tell you…she is as close to perfect as little girls come! What a glorious day it was! Their dreams came true that day and soon they were bringing that sweet baby girl home. Their hope wasn’t in anything but God all along and he sure did honor them for it! Their story now, isn’t one that started with pain, but one that SHINES the love of the Father. He knew all along that their girl Olivia was closer than ever.
It was an absolute honor and joy to walk alongside of this sweet couple as they journeyed through their adoption. I was moved over and over again by their faithfulness and trust in the Lord.
Laura shares her story below: And, trust me….she tells it way better than I do!
“We, like so many others, turned to adoption after years of fertility struggles. When we made the decision to adopt we thought the best path for us would be to do research on our own and pick an agency or two to work with. So we selected an agency and we were matched several months later only to have the adoption not work out after the baby was born. It was truly heart breaking. To make matters worse the agency we were working with at the time was unpleasant and unsupportive to say the least.
Two days after we returned home from the failed adoption we called Jonnilyn and Christian Adoption Consultants. After our first phone call with Jonnilyn we knew this was the route we needed to take. We all of a sudden realized what we had been missing the whole time in our entire adoption process, an advocate for us, someone who cared about us as individuals and not just the number of birth moms coming in the door. She listened to our story, learned about who we were, and our desires for our family. So it was a no brainer, we signed up with Jonnilyn and CAC at the beginning of May. As we waited to be matched she would continuously check in on us to see how we were doing and discuss potential birth mother situations that had come our way. In June we received a situation for a birth mom that we decided to present to. We got the call on my birthday that the birth mother picked us! It was the best birthday present we could have imagined. Fast forward to September and we are home with our baby girl, Olivia. She is perfect and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Jonnilyn and CAC! Working with you was a wonderful way to grow our family.”
One thing I can tell you….they may not be able to say adopting was easy, they may not be able to say that it happened right away, but they will definitely say a million times over that SHE was worth it. Olivia being in their arms was worth every single moment.

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