Adam + Joanna – A Journey To Adoption

Have you ever stepped out of the boat, fully trusting God to do the miraculous in your life? We all know this can be scary and difficult in many ways. It’s EASY to become uncertain and doubtful, focusing on the waves and the wind. But, what if God called you to an unwavering faith – one that focused fully on His ability and not your own? Well, this is what Adam and Joanna did. They chose to put their trust completely in God, letting go of all expectations and control. Their journey was not absent of difficulty, but in the end, God blessed them beyond measure with a beautiful baby boy. Joanna shares their story and encouragement for other families navigating the adoption process.

“Like many waiting families, our adoption journey began with an infertility diagnosis. We were crushed when we found out we had a 0% chance of conceiving. While this was one of the most difficult things to hear, we knew right away that we wanted to adopt. We took some time to heal after an already difficult year, and then began the home study process. We were home study approved in February 2019 and signed up with CAC in March 2019. We presented to 9 different cases over the course of 10 months before we were finally chosen by an expectant mother in January 2020. 

Those 10 months were so challenging at times. Whenever we received an email saying “they chose another family” our hearts would break, and sometimes doubt would creep in. When you get passed over time and time again, it’s easy to wonder if there’s something wrong- maybe we’re not supposed to adopt, maybe we need to change our profile book, etc.; however, our consultant, Jonnilyn, would remind us that when we received a “no” it just meant that baby was not the one God had in mind for us. This brought so much comfort and shifted our perspective to where it needed to be- that God was in control and had brought us on this journey. He was not going to abandon us. 

We were able to meet our son’s biological mom, dad, and siblings in February of 2020. We were nervous but it was a wonderful experience getting to know the family and playing with our son’s biological siblings. 

We ended up having a “pandemic baby” born a couple months later in April of 2020. It was a crazy time, yet it was the most beautiful time of our lives. I, Joanna, was able to meet our son within minutes of him being born. His biological mother was so gracious to allow me to stay in the hospital room with her and our baby. She allowed me to hold him, feed him, change him and be his mommy right from the start. I will never forget those precious moments in the hospital with our son and his biological mom. She is an amazing woman, and we are so grateful for her. 

If you are a waiting family, don’t lose hope! Proverbs 13:12 says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” This verse so perfectly sums up what adoption is like! When you’re in the waiting, when you are told “no”, when it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant and having “easy” adoptions, don‘t lose hope! Hope is what sustains the heart. Hope gives you the encouragement to continue. Be encouraged that God sees you, He sees your hurting heart, and He is at work! His plans are not our plans; His ways are not our ways. In fact, they are better! His will for our lives (and His timing) is infinitely better than anything we can think of for ourselves. There is a beautiful child waiting to meet you on the other side of your pain.  

Christian Adoption Consultants was a great partner in our adoption journey. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our consultant, Jonnilyn. We had so many questions when we first started, and she was very knowledgeable, helpful and made the process less daunting. Once we started presenting to families, Jonnilyn was our cheerleader. She not only helped us with the logistics of the adoption, but she was there for support and encouragement. It was such a blessing to have someone in our corner praying fervently for us.

When you’re struggling on your adoption journey, be intentional about leaving everything in God’s capable hands. We made our future baby’s room a prayer closet where we prayed continually for a child and for the safety and well-being of the biological mother. Many tears were shed in that room, but now it’s a room full of joy and toddler giggles. Our precious boy is absolutely perfect for our family, and we are so in love with him! Everything we went through was all worth it and I can promise you, everything you’re going through now will all be worth it when you’re looking into the face of your son/daughter. ” Adam + Joanna

Adam and Joanna, it was an honor to see God write your story! So thrilled for your amazing family!

If you would like more information on the adoption process or working with Christian Adoption Consultants, please email me:

XOXO, Jonnilyn

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